A Philosophy of Excellence

For over 12 years, Stellar Visions and Sound has provided its clients with state of the art production solutions in a continuously evolving and challenging industry.  Quickly fading are the days of simple A/V setups where the only objective was to simply have a subject heard and seen.  Clients now more than ever have a demand for shows that deliver the highest possible impact to their audiences.  With today's monumental technological advances, it is now possible to attain and even far surpass anyone's wildest imagination.  However, this new technology also drives the need for the experience and vast knowledge that SVS can offer.  With your vision at heart, Stellar Visions and Sound can help your production reach all new heights.


Eddie Speeks


Tracey La Belle-Speeks

President/ Finance Director

Matt Platt

Director of Operations/

Project Design Manager

Dylan Speeks

Audio/Video Technician

Ben Maddux

Lead Video Technician

Jack Waite

Lead Lighting Technician

Aaron Cate

Lead Audio Technician



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