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Sound Reinforcement


It is not enough to just cover parts of a  venue.  Whether it is an arena, outdoor shed, theatre, convention center or ballroom, every seat in the house must be approached as if it were the only seat. In order to achieve the highest of standards in sound, it is necessary to provide the most cutting edge equipment alongside the most knowledgeable technicians and engineers.

Sound reinforcement optimization embodies the incredible challenge of making sure that every person, in every seat, receives the most intelligible and evenly mixed acoustics possible.  Today, the German manufacturer D&B Audiotechnik has defined the “Art of Sound" more than any other company on the market.  D&B does not just manufacture loudspeaker cabinets; they produce a system of compatibility, modularity, and reliability.  D&B offers more than a loaded box of electronics, but a system of components- the mainframe, amplifiers, and controller modules.  This complete line-array system produces venue coverage that places it in a league of its own.

Stellar Visions and Sound offers a complete system of consoles, amplifiers, loudspeakers and much more.

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